About Us

About Us

Originally Launched in 2016. Salt & Pepper offers traditional Pakistan & Indian cuisine.

Our Meals are freshly prepared, with only the freshest, finest curated spices & ingredients.

We aim to provide and strive for excellentvg service,leaving you with an everlasting experience

*Strictly Halaal

*Delivery available


We understand that there has to be a balance between quality, consistency, convenience and affordability

Cheap food: can you trust that the ingredients are healthy (or even real)?

Expensive food: can you justify the spend on something so fleeting?

Inconsistency: how awful is it to order a personal favourite only to find that it’s nothing like what you’re used to?

Convenience: just because you are busy, and want food-on-the-go, doesn’t mean you have to settle for less wholesome alternatives.

Our mission

To make a difference in the lives of individuals we touch every day, by working together to deliver commitment, personalised service, and superior experience in both cuisine and entertainment in an ambiance of regality.

How? Its accomplished team, striving to ensure that every guest receives prompt, professional, friendly, and courteous service.

With our rigorously trained staff, who have a “never say no” attitude

Result: An unforgettable experience for the guest made possible by our ‘winning team’